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One sole product to insulate anything

Only your imagination could be the limit


For the construction industry, navigation industry, automobile industry, trains, airplanes, gas and oil trunks or pipelines, swimming pools, military industries and much more.


It's incomparable to other insulating and waterproofing products in the market because of the multitude of properties in just one product. Here are the most fundamental features:

Durability over time- 10 years of guarantee

Energy saving- heat and cool

The minimum space requirement- optimal thickness only 3mm

Ecological- natural, recyclable, non- toxic ( without oil derivates)


Waterproof, anti humidity, acoustic insulator, elastic, excellent adhesive for any surface, fire resistant, trafficable, easy to apply.

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 SuberTres is an optimal product with properties and characteristics which complement and enhance one another, making SuberTres a unique product  in the market,  one without any competition.

SUBERTRES boasts many important features, such as:

- Durability over time.

- A single product for more applications and uses.

- No waste of material.

- Jobs require no construction work or demolition.

- Energy saving.

- Healthier habitats.

- A single product to solve problems as they arise.

- Excellent properties.

- References of over a thousand jobs performed.

- Decorative.

- It can be supplied in any colour.

- It is light.

- It has been on the market and has a proven track record for over ten years. 

- It is guaranteed by the manufacturer and by the supplier.

- It is a sealant/waterproofing agent.

- It is anti-humidity.

- It is anti-saltpetre (efflorescence).

- It is anti-capillarity.

- It is anti-condensation.

- It is a thermal insulator.

- It is an excellent adhesive.

- It is an acoustic insulator and corrector.

- It is elastic.

- It is ecological.

- It is anti-vibration.

- It adheres to any type of surface.

- It breathes/is transpirable.

- It is fireproof.

- It has a Spanish patent.

- The patent is internationalized in several countries.

- SÚBERTRES, S. L. has ISO 9001/200032 quality certification. Its products are authorized to carry the ―CE mark.  

- It is certified by over a hundred laboratory tests.