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High quality whole colored finishing boards for exterior and interior use

More than 60% of the composition is same as granite, more than 20% same as marble.

 2.High strength.

The lowest strength (in parallel direction) is ≥15 Mpa while the highest strength (in cross direction) ≥20 Mpa. It meets the installation and transpotation requirement of the civil building. Both its flexibility and bending strength are higher than the international famous brand of calcium silicate board. Their performance is as well as the international brands of calcium silicate boards all over the world.

 3.Light weight.

Its highest density is ≤1.4 - 1,5 g/cm3. It can be used in new buildings. There is no need to take additional dead load for both partition and ceiling of old buildings into account when it uses the panel for refashion.  Water absorbtion rate under 30%.

 4.Low thermal conductivity in normal and high temperature.

It makes the loss and expense of air conditioner and warm gas in the building decreased for its good thermal insulation. The outstanding high temperature thermal insulation performance has guaranteed the staff and belongings security by cutting fire and thermal conducting.

 5.Incombustible material.

Meeting the standard of GB 8624-2006 and BS 476 grade A and ISO-1182 which is the guarantee of fire proof.

 6. Good at impact resistance. 

It can be used as the base board in the shops, hotels, schools, entertainment places and hospitals.

 7. Low moisture and water absorbing. 

It can be used in both outdoor and indoor for washing room and kitchen.

 8.Inorganic material.

Its fire proof, anti fungus and mould proof are good for the health of the user.

 9. It can be used in many kind of building, because it has the capability of anti-chemical corrosion.

 10. It has good quality and competitive price. 

Compared to other boards (real non-asbestos calcium silicate board) from international marker, it is much worthy.

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CLADBOARD Specification

Physical properties





≤1.4- 1.5


Thermal Conductivity



Water Contain



Moisture absorbtion rate




GB 8624-2006 Class A,


Bending Strength





Safety Capability




Asbestos Including

100% asbestos free

safe for application


<1.0 IRa

safe for application

<1.0 Ir

safe for application



the highest grade